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Name: Carl Wehden

DOB: 10/02/1981

I grew up from a young age studying the guitar. At college and university I studied specifically popular music, but it wasn't until I developed repetitive strain injury in my early 20's that I turned to singing. Throughout my 20's learning to sing became my main passion within music. After spending many years working with numerous great singing teachers from around the world, I am now able to share their insights and ideas with my students.

Education: Northampton College - BTEC National Diploma, Popular Music

Newcastle Upon Tyne University - BA Hons, Music

Instruments: Guitar and Voice


When I started learning to sing, like many people I struggled, everything felt weak, strained and pushed. Singing for me at that time felt very difficult. Luckily my instincts told me it shouldn't be so hard and I began searching for answers.

Over the years I have found and worked with many gifted singing teachers and singers who have a deep understanding of the voice. I have worked hard and discovered the joy and excitement of vocal freedom. This is why I want to help others through any challenges they are having and achieve their vocal goals.

Singing lessons should be fun, challenging, thoughtful and open. Learning to sing requires a nourishing environment where mistakes are welcomed not feared. This is the environment I want my students to experience.

Using your voice, especially in front of other people, can often be a difficult and emotional process. Singing coaches are required to be non-judgmental listeners and also need a certain approach to help guide a student towards greatness.

As a voice coach what I enjoy most is helping people find more freedom and control in their singing, helping a singer work through difficulties and giving them an understanding of why they strain, flip, break or crack.

My main focus is on pure technique which is applicable to any style or genre, however I have specialized knowledge within rock, pop and alternative music.

Besides voice coaching I also offer guitar lessons to an advanced level and I am keen to teach anyone who is wanting to improve.

I can teach either via Skype or at my home in Manor House, London

I look forward to hearing from you!