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Welcome to the Carl Wehden Voice Studio


BA Hons, Music - Newcastle Upon Tyne University

Contemporary Voice Coaching for Performers

Hello singers, my name is Carl Wehden and I have extensive experience working with some of the best singing coaches in the world. I am passionate about helping people grow, abandon fear and unleash their true vocal potential. Voice coaching is a complex and detailed challenge and each student needs a method of teaching tailored to them, so they can learn at the fastest possible rate whilst getting the most from their voice.

Singing lessons should be fun, challenging, thoughtful and open. Learning to sing requires a nourishing environment where mistakes are welcomed not feared, this is the environment I want my students to experience.

"I have been taking online video lessons from you for 15 months, I think we've had about one lesson per month. It has absolutely transformed my voice. I used to hate my voice, now I look for opportunities to sing in public. At age 47, that's no small feat. Before your lessons, I did not know where to apply my efforts. Your ability to register what my voice needed is the difference between doing random exercises and videos. I strongly urge anyone out there to do just one lesson, they're not even expensive. Then you'll know where you are, and where you need to focus. Bravo, Carl."


If the larynx stays neutral and the vocal folds stay together then all is well. If at any point in a singer's range either of these two fundamentals are compromised then the vocal process begins to break down. My technique is all about a fundamental and simple approach to using the voice. Good technique is what allows you to learn to sing through your entire range with an even and balanced sound, eliminating vocal breaks, glitches, strain or unnecessary effort.


The key to singing with confidence is preparation. Practice and preparation give a singer a fundamental grasp of technique that will help them to demystify singing, focus on what they are doing and succeed.

Eliminate Strain..

Singing shouldn't be painful, you shouldn't become hoarse. You should never lose your voice no matter how many shows you are doing. If you experience any of these issues, you need some help with your technique.


Grow as a performer and as a person. Learning how to sing will help you understand and develop yourself.

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* Pre paid lessons must be used within 12 months of purchase date. If you need to cancel a lesson you must do so at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson time or full payment of the lesson is due.


Any student that is kind enough to refer other students onto me will receive a 5 discount on their next lesson. Simply ask your friend to mention you when they are booking and I will email you confirmation of your discount.